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At Switchfully, we acknowledge the undersupply of software developers. This leads to organisations being unable to fulfill even their most minimal staffing needs. Consultancy and outsourcing can provide a solution. But what if the organisation strives to keep a decent-sized internal IT department? Thankfully, there's Switchfully.

Our solution

Switchfully: four phases, one solution

Intake, selection, training and coaching. From enthusiasts with IT potential to software developers which will allow your organisation to keep growing. Our four-phased solution will provide you with fresh, motivated internal software developers who are eager to learn and to innovate.

Switchfully - Intake


We aid your organisation's recruitment department in setting up a campaign. By combining your organisation's network with ours, we aim to attract highly motivated individuals. Although little or no IT-related experience is required from the candidates, they'll have to bring maturity and other experience to the table. In doing so, we'll be able to attract high-potential people to your organisation.

Switchfully - Selection


Together with your organisation's HR department we provide the selection phase. Since little or no IT-related experience is required, the selection criteria are very strict. Through an intensive screening of the candidates, we examine their motivation, mindset, learning capacity and cultural fit within your organisation. These strict criteria are a way to ensure an optimal chance of success during the next phase, the training phase.

Switchfully - Training


Out of all candidates, the 15 best are selected. These 15 will become fully employed by your organisation from day 1 of the training phase. During a 4-month period, comparable to code bootcamps, these new employees will be intensively trained to become software developers. Our modular training program allows for adjustments that fit your organisation's needs and will be taught by highly skilled developers from the field.

Switchfully - Coaching


During the coaching phase we will ensure a successful integration of the newly trained software developers into the existing software teams of your organisation. This starts during the training phase by ensuring an optimal environment for further growth is created for new software developers within the existing teams.

Who is Switchfully?

Switchfully consists of 4 diverse, passionate individuals and a bold gathering of trainer-developers. As an internal venture of Cegeka, we hold the required know-how and have direct access to a wide selection of experienced trainer-developers.

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Who is Switchfully?

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