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How to stay informed as a software developer

It’s crucial for a software developer to keep his eyes and ears open. The industry moves and evolves in a fast pace.  It’s important to keep track of new emerging technologies that gain traction and adoption. However, it’s equally important to be aware of technologies losing adoption. A technology that’s still relevant on your project, […]

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Learning platforms, tutorials and exercises for developers

Knowing where – and how – to find valuable online learning resources is an essential skill every software developer should have. There’s an abundance of great online resources available, both for sharpening your existing development skills as for learning a completely new skill. The real trick is to separate the good from the bad. Therefore […]

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Interesting books for junior (java) developers

As a developer, it’s of the highest importance to expand, improve and refine your skills. After all, a software developer should always strive for true craftsmanship. One way of doing that? Read books! There’s an abundance of great – and less great – online resources which can be used to facilitate this process. However, with […]

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