Do you have a passion for programming and want to become a software developer? Yes? Then you will be happy to hear what we have to say! We are looking for motivated individuals who want to make a career switch towards software development.

After applying, you will have to partake in our selection procedure. Upon being selected, you will become employed as a software developer by one of our partnering employers. In February 2020, your new career will start with an intensive training of 4 months, transforming you into a software developer.

Send in your resume

16 September - 10 November

Get selected

25 September - 20 December

Sign a new contract

In effect on February '20

Get trained as software developer

February '20 - End of May '20

Start working at your new employer

End of May '20

Switchfully - Do you fit the profile

For whom?

You don't have to be a software developer yet, we will make one out of you. Dreaming of a career as a software developer? Then this might be something for you!

However, you have to be sure you want to make the career switch into software development and have taken some prior steps to prove this. Do you have a passion for IT and programming, a good set of brains, the will to work hard and are you eager to learn? Great, then you are exactly what we need.

Bitten by the programming microbe.
Highly motivated.
Mature and professional.
Analytical and eager to learn.

Send in your application

Opens on 16 September, closes on 27 October.

The selection procedure starts the moment you send in your application. To apply, you will have to send us your up-to-date resume and a motivation letter on why you want to become a professional software developer. In addition we want to know what motivates you to work for the employer selected by you.


Phone screening

As of 25 September

During a short phone call, we will get to know each other for the first time. We will question you on your motivation, but also on your understanding of what we do exactly. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to ask us any questions you might already have.


Analytical test

As of 25 September.

You will have to take an online analytical test which we will send you by e-mail. The test will measure your numerical, abstract and verbal reasoning skills. It will allow us to objectively evaluate your analytical skill-set since quick analytical reasoning is a requirement for our track.


Face-to-face interview

As of 28 October.

During the first interview, we get to know you even better. Most of all we are interested in your story, your motivation and your passion and how these make you the ideal candidate.


Group assessment

As of 11 November.

Software development is a real team sport, therefore we are looking for real team players. During the group assessment, we will challenge all of you for half a day. Convince us by your added value in the group, not by rivalry.


Employer interview

As of 25 November.

Now that you have convinced us you want to become a software developer, it’s time to convince your future employer. During a face to face interview with the employer you’ve selected, you get a chance to ask them all of your questions and show them your ambition.


Sign your contract

As of 1 December.

The cherry on the cake and the start of your new career: your new contract. You’ll sign a permanent contract with your future employer.

The Employers

One of our partnering companies will become your new employer. When you apply you select the company you would like to work for. After the group assessment we schedule an interview and when both parties are convinced of each other, the employer will offer you a contract as a software developer (it even goes in effect the first day of the training in February). For our training track of February 2020, these employers are Departement Cultuur, Jeugd & Media, Colruyt Group, Cegeka and FPS Economy.

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Together with other equally motivated individuals, you will be trained into a junior full-stack software developer. The training lasts 4 months, full time and starts on February 3, 2020 right above Brussels Central Station. Given by trainers, coaches, and experienced software developers, you will be taught the fundamentals of enterprise software development, combined with best practices in a hands-on approach. Interested in viewing a more in-depth overview of what you will learn? You can, here.

Learn the Fundamentals of Programming

Using Java 11+

Develop and manage reliable Back-end Applications

Using Spring Boot, ...

Develop interactive and user-friendly Front-end Applications

Using Angular, ...

Cultivate the mindset of - and become - a true craftsman

Using XP, Continuous learning, ...

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all. However, you have to be sure you want to make the career switch into software development and have taken some prior steps to prove this. We are thinking in the direction of: online programming courses, an evening course, …
Our training room is situated in BeCentral, a digital campus in the building of the central station of Brussels. When you arrive by train, it takes less than 2 minutes to get to your desk.
This depends on the employer you’ve selected. In the employer section you can see where the offices of the employers are situated.
Yes. Our training is taught in English, therefore a good understanding of English is a requirement to be eligible. Besides, you’ll need to meet the language requirements of the employer of your choice.
Yes. After being selected you’ll sign a permanent contract with your employer as a junior software developer. The contract starts on day one of the training.
Because your employer invests in this training and invest in you, a schooling clause will be part of your contract. You are expected to work for your employer after you’ve finished the training.
Yes, you can! When you apply you’ll need to select for which employer you would like to work. Once you’ve passed the first selection steps we will plan an interview with the employer you’ve selected. You will need to convince them why you want to work for them and contribute to their IT department. If the interview does not turn out as expected we can always check whether there is a match with one of the other employers.

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Kept scrolling, did you? Maybe you're searching for some more information? If that's the case, just get in touch. An e-mail or a phone call, just reach out to us with any questions you might still have. We're happy to reply!

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