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Learning platforms, tutorials and exercises for developers

Knowing where – and how – to find valuable online learning resources is an essential skill every software developer should have. There’s an abundance of great online resources available, both for sharpening your existing development skills as for learning a completely new skill. The real trick is to separate the good from the bad. Therefore […]

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Interesting books for junior (java) developers

As a developer, it’s of the highest importance to expand, improve and refine your skills. After all, a software developer should always strive for true craftsmanship. One way of doing that? Read books! There’s an abundance of great – and less great – online resources which can be used to facilitate this process. However, with […]

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Time to slice up your training

If we want to focus on training people effectively, we should move away from being too truthful and too thorough. When we train people, we bring our expertise on a specific subject to the table. What’s more, our expertise is exactly the reason why we were invited to give a training in the first place. […]

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Continuous learning made easy (ier)

Continuous learning is a mindset. Setting up the right tooling and channels makes learning fun and helps in adopting this mindset. Before I joined a company where continuous learning is a common practice, I was not aware of all the benefits and the joy that learning could offer. Nowadays I can’t get enough of learning. When sharing with […]

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